38 minutes | Jun 11, 2021

Ep. 39 | Agency Owners Roundtable

Following her own very personal experience as a parent through gestational surrogacy in 1990, Darlene first served as a contract coordinator in a reproductive law firm. She learned about the legal aspects of egg donation and surrogacy while coordinating documentation for intended parents, donors, and surrogates during the legal contract stages. Darlene started to successfully connect high-profile clients with egg donors and surrogates in 1998—and did so with absolute confidentiality. In 2000, Darlene left the law office to become the founder and CEO of A Perfect Match, Inc. (APM.) Amy Stewart Kaplan, President/Founder of West Coast Surrogacy, began her career in reproductive medicine in 1990, and has since devoted her life to the field. Amy got her start at a Southern California IVF center. It was there she began to realize her passion for reproductive technology as well as a desire to assist others in this worthy pursuit. Links for more resources Learn more about Darlene Pinkerton: A Perfect Match Learn more about Amy Kaplan: West Coast Surrogacy Learn more about our podcast: Fertility Cafe Learn more about our surrogacy and egg donation agency: Family Inceptions Learn more about independent surrogacy: Surrogacy Roadmap Rate, Review, and Subscribe!  We would be honored if you took the time to rate and review our podcast! And of course, don’t forget to hit that Subscribe button to have new episodes delivered straight to your feed!
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