41 minutes | Nov 3, 2019

The Ovulation Calculator You Wear On Your Wrist

Our guest today, Lindsay Meisel, is the chief science editor at Ava Fertility Tracker with over a decade of experience educating and writing about reproductive health. I got to geek out with her over the science behind this wearable piece of tech and how exactly the Ava bracelet is different from other ovulation predictors. If you have wondered about using the Ava, have tracked your basal body temps (BBT) and are totally over buying ovulation kits, are unsure of your ovulation signs & symptoms, or your just starting out and trying to figure out when your fertile window actually occurs this episode is for you. For a $20 coupon check the show notes at http://www.LadyPotions.com/fmradio/ovulation-calculator-you-wear
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