60 minutes | Nov 19, 2019

The #1 Tool To Stay Sane While TTC

You may have heard me talk about the MODEL on episodes 48 and 54 when I talked about certainty and thought management, but truly you need to hear it again. These are concepts you can’t hear enough to really understand them. this is because most of us were not taught how to manage our minds. Even fewer of us were taught exercises to really understand our minds, not just how to conceptualize how the mind works. This exercise of using the self coaching model is something I have been working with for two and a half years now in Self Coaching Scholars with Brooke Castillo. It’s been instrumental in me reclaiming my health and my sanity as a step parent. I know this can handle any situation and I want to teach it to you. I truly believe if you work with it and actually write down the models that you run, it can be the #1 tool to help you keep your cool while you are patiently waiting to conceive!
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