11 minutes | Jan 25, 2020

Mini Mindful Moments- A Guided Meditation for Overcoming Anxiety

I’m sure you’ve heard time and time again, stress negatively affects fertility and pregnancy. Maybe you been told, Just RELAX and it will happen more times than you care to count, which really makes you stress out and maybe want to punch said person. Now you can’t exactly go about cutting all of the stress out of your life, I mean, fertility challenges alone are stressful. What are you supposed to do? Give up? Quit? Not a chance. You make a game out of making friends with your stress response. Acknowledge it, know it’s going to happen, get good at catching it before it becomes a freight train careening out of control, AND then see how fast you can change your stress response into a relaxation response by trying on one of these little beauties from our mini mindful moments installments. Meditation & mindfulness techniques and their ability to turn on our parasympathetic nervous system, or what’s known as breed and feed, are evidence based practices that not only enhance your fertility, but they can also help you hold a pregnancy, even if it’s high risk. Remember, it’s not stress that’s the enemy, it’s how fast we can get back into a relaxed state that really matters. These mini relaxation techniques are quick, easy to apply throughout your day and restore your relaxation response in moments, keeping your mind broadcasting the message to your body, "It’s a safe time and place to create life,” helping you to feel back in control of your stress and ready to conceive. 
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