80 minutes | Jan 27th 2021

Ep 116: Cancel Culture

It's the first week of the Biden administration so we can all breathe a sigh of relief... and then get back to work! It's heartening to see all the executive orders Biden has already signed, and yet when we look at the Senate we're already stressing about the need to abolish the filibuster. Looking straight at YOU, Joe Manchin! Today we focus our attention on the dreaded topic of "cancel culture." It's not fun, but we get through it. People with long held privilege get ruffled when they're held accountable for their words and behaviors, if only on Twitter. Bad faith discourse follows. We try to get into some of the nuance around accountability and free speech.  We see you: Child brides in the US, Tucker Carlson, Kellyanne Conway, Marjorie Taylor Greene, bathroom etiquette, the officer who body-slammed a student in Osceola county, FL - feministswithoutmystique.com Support us on Ko-fi!  Twitter: @fwmpodcast Instagram: @feministswithoutmystique Facebook: facebook.com/fwmpodcast Email: feministswithoutmystique@gmail.com
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