62 minutes | Nov 17th 2020

Ep 106: Pandemic Fatigue

We discuss the pandemic fatigue we're both feeling. The lows seem to get lower as we near 10 months of serious social distancing. We miss our friends and family, we want to hug people and converse without masks, and we want everyone to respect the damn rules to save lives!!! Ugh. This episode is a bit of a venting session.  We see you: Candace Owens, Denmark "culling" their mink population, Lindsey Graham, COVID deaths in prison populations, Emily Murphy, prominent Democrats flouting their own COVID rules - feministswithoutmystique.com Support us on Ko-fi!  Twitter: @fwmpodcast Instagram: @feministswithoutmystique Facebook: facebook.com/fwmpodcast Email: feministswithoutmystique@gmail.com
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