65 minutes | Feb 5th 2021

Wise Woman Tea: Perspective for Thriving In Intense Times with Earth Wisdom Teacher Pele Rouge

Join me and one of my beloved mentors and teachers, Pele Rouge, for a "wise woman tea," where we bring the teachings of Earth Wisdom forward to give us a perspective on how to be and move through these intense times so we can thrive, heal, expand and elevate.

Some of what we'll dive into in this session of Feminine Power Time is what earth wisdom is how can these teachings and it tools can help us now.

Some inquiries that emerged and we'll explore through the eyes of earth wisdom is:

  • What does it mean to be human? What are the basic rights of humans that honor people and planet?
  • And how does that relate to what is really going on now on the planet? And the structures needed to lead us forward?
  • How do we BE in relationship with Self, Each Other and Earth?
  • What Divine Laws exist to guide us to follow and create a better life? 
  • What is the earth trying to show us? What would be wise to pay attention to? 
  • What is the path to getting into alignment with yourself?
  • How do we get in right relationship with ourselves, with each other and the world? 

Some of the earth wisdom tools we'll share:

  • The Medicine Wheel of Restructuring - for uncovering and re-leasing and re-patterning beliefs.
  • The Relationship between the Feminine and Masculine energies within us and in the world
  • The Medicine Wheel of the Human Parts
  • The Wisdom Council  

Wisdom Bytes that came through

  • Difference is a great gift. Difference expands.
  • To the extent we can make room for difference, we have a much larger palette to create.
  • Irritation is a sign you are either being guided a different way or there is something in you that is seeking to be healed.
  • Pay attention to what irritates you on the outside world, and seek to understand how it lives within you.
  • This is a time of remembering how to be human.

About Wise Woman Teas: These are invitations to join me and a special guest who has spent a lifetime studying and teaching a specific wisdom tradition or realm of experience that can offer us insight, wisdom, perspective, tools to understand ourselves, others and these times... so we can rise to be better more conscious leaders in our lives, relationships, community, organizations, teams and world. 

We always start with the inquiry of how can this wisdom teachings, tradition or experience see a perspective and find wisdom to guide us during this time. We never know exactly where the conversation will go. But by using the power of inquiry, wisdom we can use always emerge. Pour some tea, vino or pelligrino and join us


1. Pele Rouge - Learn More and Get Connected at www.timelessearthwisdom.com 

2. Ken Carey - Return of the Bird Tribes book - https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/return-of-the-bird-tribes-ken-carey/1102635646

3. Wheel of Restructuring - Visit my Blog Post with an image of the wheel of restructuring. Get connected with Timeless Earth Wisdom to start learning more. www.timelessearthwisdom.com 


Upcoming Events and Programs with Christine

1. The Elevate Feminine Leadership Councils - applications being accepted Jan 22 through March 4th. www.elevateleadershipcouncil.com 



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