57 minutes | Nov 20th 2020

WISE WOMAN TEA: Perspective for Thriving in Intense Times with Astrologer Leslie McGuirk

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Welcome to our first Wise Woman Tea episode, where I invite you into a conversation with one of my dear wise woman soul sisters - women who have attained a level of adeptness in a specific area that I believe can support each of us to tap into our own intuitive knowing, co-creative power, and higher intelligence. Often these areas are poo-poo'd or woo' woo'd away - discounting their significance to the 'real world' or to our practical needs or to what is relevant to topics like business, leadership and activism. 

When the truth is, these wise woman skills, arts, knowings and practices empower us to see and find what's real beyond the screen the mainstream overculture would like us to tune into. 

In my experience, the distrust or skepticism we have, or the lack of focus we put in these areas, is part of where we leak and diminish our power. 

When we embrace these wisdom teachings, skills, practices and arts and explore them with curiosity, we often are invited into a wealth of wisdom and new possibility we were previously blind to.

For this Feminine Power Time: Perspective for Thriving in Intense Times, I invited Astrologer Leslie McGuirk who is also a writer and creativity expert who is known for "pioneering an intersection between medicine and astrology, revealing the fastest pathway for mental and spiritual growth" to join us.

Leslie, is also really a dear friend, a woman I trust, who has helped me and the women leaders I've sent to her, to gain a better understanding of ourselves and how we are designed - to find more courage, compassion and confidence. 

We'll dive into three areas with the intention of giving us all PERSPECTIVE SHIFT for meeting these intense times as we step into this new year.

1.  What is astrology, really? What isn't it? How come it gets woo woo'd and poo poo'd? How can we use it powerfully? 

2. Perspective on what we are going through collectively in 2020 - what is happening? why is it happening? how can we be with it?

3. Perspective on how to walk into the months ahead, in a way that feels both empowering and present to what is, and open to what can be.

See you there! Pour some tea :)



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