50 minutes | Sep 20, 2021

POWER PAUSE: Reflect, Rebalance and Reset Your Focus at Equinox

It's time to activate and utilize one of the most powerful tools we have to stay centered, sustained and focused on what matters - the Power Pause. This practice gets us focused the last  3 months / 4 moon cycles of the year.  And does wonders for keeping us healthy in an unhealthy world. There are many things you could do these last 3 months of the year, but what is really most important to you? What will bring you the best returns ? And what shifts in your habits, patterns, and structures are needed to support you in this last cycle?   Wise women know how to use the natural cycles of the earth and universe to support them to grow their work, wealth and relationships, to support their health, and to keep them focused on what matters. The September Equinox offers you insight to illuminate where the imbalances currently exist in your life & how to reset yourself and refocus your life force  - especially the ways in which you are over giving and under receiving, the habits that may have worked in the summer but won't support you now, and the ways in which making changes to your home, health and wealth can support you to end your year strong, sane and supported. In this Feminine Power Time : POWER PAUSE: Reflect, Rebalance and Reset Your Focus at Equinox ... and exhale! 4 Inquiries to Get Focused on What Matters Most the Last Part of this Year & Feel Good About What You've Already Done... Women's leadership and empowerment advisor and teacher, Christine Arylo, marries her MBA business background with 15+ years of wisdom and spiritual study in practical ways that can support you to elevate out of overwhelm, stay focused on what matters, shift sabotaging habits and take care of small things that make a big difference.  Tune into this Power Pause and: Learn the wisdom behind taking power pauses 4 times a year - and how this practice can yield big returns in your business, career, relationships and health/wealth/home Experience the feminine way of growing our work and impact vs tackling projects, driving like a torpedo, or pressuring ourselves to make things happen too fast Be led through a visualization and meditation to: Feel good about what you have already done this year.  Reveal the imbalances - work, relationships, health, wealth or home - that need attention. Consider what you need to bring the imbalances into harmony, so you have what you need  Gain clarity on how to best focus your attention the last part of this year. Power Pauses are a form of feminine leadership which teaches us to work in harmony with the natural cycles of how the material and mystical world both work. Part of her Feminine Wisdom School and Feminine Leadership Programs Arylo teaches how to use this ancient wisdom and way of working to apply to creating a life and work that creates an impact and is sustainable.  UPCOMING EVENTS & PROGRAMS  
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