50 minutes | Jul 4, 2021

Are You Free? 3 Ways We Sabotage Our Own Freedom (replay with new intro Ep 58)

Are the choices you are making creating freedom for you? Or are you unknowningly creating realities that keep you stuck, stressed and out of alignment with what you truly desire? Most of us subconsciously make choices that laden us down vs. liberate us... but how do you know?  Take a power pause with Christine Arylo, feminine leadership advisor and wisdom teacher to shine a light on the ways in which you may be sabotaging your own freedom, so you can make sure you are making choices that lead to creating a life that supports and sustains what truly matters to you. In this episode of Feminine Power Time you'll gain wisdom on: The 3 ways we sabotage their own freedom How our unconscious needs to belong and have security lead us to make choices in our careers, relationships, home, lifestyles that cause us to sacrifice what matters most to us Three common freedom stealers - The Golden Handcuffs, The Self Sacrifice Shackles and the Fishbowl Effect How to make sure that the choices you are making are in alignment with what's true for YOUR Path  How to identify specifically what's out of alignment, creating unnecessary pressure and how to free yourself - using a special feminine wisdom process created by Christine   Make a conscious choice to gain the wisdom, tools and practices to keep you on your path, even if that means stepping outside of conventional wisdom and your comfort zone... And keep yourself out of overwhelm and burnout.  I originally taped this episode in 2018, and re-taped the intro this year, during what I call "Liberation Weekend" - July 4th in the US. It's a powerful portal to liberate yourself from the unconscious constraints, judgements, expectations, and beliefs limiting and binding you. May this bring you more awareness and more courage to make choices that create a life and career design that supports, sustains and empowers you to prosper on all levels.  With heart Christine  Action: 1. Join in the conversation on the Feminine Wisdom Cafe for this week:   What is one self-created judgement, expectation, belief, or time pressure you can free yourself from this month? And what supportive imprint can you choose instead?   Post yours and be inspired by other courageous souls - click here.  This is our private online community off of social media, where we connect and share on the topic we are exploring in these podcasts and more.  2. Get the Overwhelmed and Over It Book - learn about the Feminine Super Power of Creating Space  - www.OverwhelmedandOverIt.com 3. Share. Rate. Review this podcast - THANK YOU. This is  how we get the wisdom out to more people  **** GO DEEPER. Learn More. Current and Upcoming Programs with Christine 1. The Mid Year Power Pause - FLOW Focus Your Lifeforce On What Matters the 2nd half of the year. www.FlowPowerPause.com  2. Personal Transformation and Feminine Leadership Mentoring and Coaching: www.HarmonizeandRise.com  3. Elevate Feminine Leadership Councils - applications open now, we start in October. www.ElevateLeadershipCouncils.com     
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