41 minutes | May 24th 2019

94B: Are You Overgiving and Under Receiving?

*Reposted as previous post only had 1/2 the podcast :) We women have been trained to operate like banks - where we give give give withdrawls all day long, but never take in deposits. Result? We bankrupt ourselves. We've been raised to be strong achievers and self-less care givers, but not strong receivers. 

We push away support when it shows up.

Deflect compliments.  Accept working 60-80 hours a week as normal, and will even skip lunch, going to the bathroom, drinking water just so we can keep pushing through.

We give to our families and friends, even when we can't afford to give the energy, time, effort, money.

We need a new equation that empowers us to GIVE AND RECEIVE. Which I have.

But first, we have to get real about WHY we OVER GIVE. 

The reasons we sacrifice and sabotage ourselves are rooted deep in our hearts - where the feelings and fears we'd rather not feel live. #truth 

The path to liberating yourself and others out of the ways of working and living that lead to burnout and self sacrifice is through your heart. #wisdom

One of the reasons we stay stuck in these unsustainable realities is we are fine talking about the overwhelm but where real change happens - no way! 

So today, of course, I invite you to dive into the heart with me - the 3rd point of liberation on the Path of Liberation out of burnout, overwhelm and self sacrifice. 

join me for this Feminine Power Time: Are You Overgiving and Under Receiving? #3 of 3 in our Overwhelmed and Over It series. I will share: 

• The deeper ROOT reasons we over give and bankrupt ourselves emotionally, spiritually, relationally, physically, even financially

•The signs that you are OVER GIVING

•Different ways you over give that you might not know

•The 8 Fears underneath why you over give and sacrifice yourself 

•A practice you can use to get in touch with the deeper fears and feelings at the root of the overwhelm. 

•Three ELEVATE inquiries you can use in the moment to get your giving and receiving in harmony 

•A proactive practice that will support you to keep your giving and receiving at work, in relationship, etc in harmony.

I'll also read from of the chapters from my new book Overwhelmed and Over It which comes out Sept 2020. I didn't want to have you wait. 

AND... Here are three ways to get support, go deeper, and liberate yourself out of overwhelm and burnout and into the life and work design that supports and sustains you.

FLOW POWER PAUSE - The Mid Year Reflection, Realignment, Refocusing 

1. Do it from home - www.FlowPowerPause.com

2. Join me in Seattle - July 9th 

3. Come to the Feminine Wisdom Weekend at Kripalu on the East Coast - www.FeminineWisdomWeekend.com 

AND IF YOU ARE READY TO TRULY LIBERATE YOURSELF FROM THE UNSUSTAINABLE REALITY of YOUR LIFE AND WORK... I am looking for up to 11 women to join me for the Overwhelmed and Over It! 4-month Transformation this Summer and Fall. We start the end of June. 

Get the invitation here. www.OverwhelmedandOverIt.com

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