62 minutes | Nov 8th 2018

51b: Why Women Hide and Hold Back

Why is it that we women hide and hold back? When our inner wisdom whispers, or screams, at us to step forward, be more visible, speak up, be a force for change, give our great work, be seen in new ways that can feel vulnerable... why can even the most courageous confident woman hold back, procrastinate, distract herself with busyness, and any other of a myriad of strategies we employ that keeps us smaller than we are and less seen that we need to be?

There are real reasons we distract and sabotage ourselves from stepping out and giving our sacred work in new ways, speaking our truth or wisdom or making an offering that feels vulnerable or risky. 

I originally taped this episode last year at this same time of the year, and it's SO powerful and relevant, I felt like we needed to hear it again. I myself just listened to it and I am inspired. 

Tune into this Feminine Power Time, Christine Arylo, feminine leadership advisor with a special guest, open up a provoking conversation to explore what keeps women from stepping forward to be more visible and seen, including:

  • Illuminate the reasons behind why women hide and hold back that most people don't talk about - but would serve all women to know. 
  • Feminine Fear - what it is, how it works and how the collective fear of women being persecuted for being powerful and having wisdom still affects us today 
  • How we stop ourselves from putting our work, thoughts, offerings out there because we short circuit ourselves ... and yogic and feminine wisdom to just get started, even if it's not perfect.
  • The new model for creating and making our offerings and doing our sacred work in the world that requires us to stop isolating and start creating in collaboration. 

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For private leadership mentoring and coaching, email Christine at Christine@Arylo.com