47 minutes | Oct 4, 2021

165: 4 Questions that Open Up Possibility (#3 of 3 in Staying Sane In An Insane World)

In the third part of our series on Staying Sane in an Insane World, we activate one of the most subtle but absolutely potent powers we have ... the power of inquiry and contemplation. 

We are trained in our over culture to value and work with questions and answers to drive to a conclusion, usually as fast as possible. "Time is money." And we are imprinted with a value system that says we must have the answer, if we don't we risk looking a fool, being called out or being discounted. 

But operating this way - in a mindset about quick answers vs. contemplation and consideration... in a world that values confidence over curiosity.... keeps us stuck in the consciousness and realities that don't work for us individually or collectively. Unhealthy, insane ways of working, relating and living.

In a wiser, healthy culture, one that values the feminine, we practice the art of inquiry and contemplation to open up possibility and to gain clarity.  

 For this session of Feminine Power Time I chose 4 inquiries that I use often in making choices everyday. They are the same ones I use when I am working with a leader to unlearn the distorted approach to growth, goal setting and management, and to learn a different, wiser, healthier way of working.    

As I lead you through these 4 inquiries, bring a challenge, a catalyst, a situation you are working or that is working you. And we can apply it to inquiries and see what emerges!  

Some of what we'll explore:

1.  The power of wonder. Inquiry: I wonder...

2.  The power of quintessence. Inquiry: What is at the core? What is the essence?

3. The power of seeing beyond your five senses to shift out of fear into a response that leads to harmony and healin. Inquiry: What's real? What's needed? What do I need?

4. The power of choosing to move forward consciously vs waiting for change to kick you in the butt. Inquiry: How do we/I move forward from here?

See you there!



p.s. Come over to the Feminine Wisdom Cafe to get connected into conversation and exploration with other wise, courageous women daring to do things differently. 


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