44 minutes | Nov 13th 2020

139: Making Choices That Are Right for You Now: #3 of 3 in Embracing Our Power Series

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The choices we make in our every day for how we direct and give our energy, our resources, our time and money all add up to having a significant impact on you ... but most of us don't really see how these simple decisions are the drivers underneath us feeling stretched too thin, or not being focused on what matters, or just getting swirled up in the world. Which is why we are doing this podcast series!

So your can be more aware of what's going on within you and with your choices ... so you can be empowered to make choices that are creating the reality you desire for yourself, those you love and lead and this world. 

Join me for #3 of 3 in our series called Embracing Our Power. This episode of Feminine Power Time focused on "Making Choices that are Right for you Now".

  • I'll pull back the veil on how this is showing up in my life now, to hopefully help you see what is in alignment and not in alignment for you right now.
  • Then we'll look at how you might be feeling and filling a need out there in your work or relationships or families that is causing you to not receive the support or space you need. 
  • And lastly, we'll dive into what choices your deeper wisdom is calling you to make ... things to let go of ... and ways it is time to step into the unknown

Tune in. Dive in. And let's open up the wisdom channels. 

See you there



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