55 minutes | Jun 19th 2020

127: Sacred Transformation: How We Create Significant, Sustainable Change, so We Don’t Burnout, Numb out or Let fear win.

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The second in a 3 part series I titled SACRED TRANSFORMATION to guide us through these intense, changing, disruptive, heart-opening, consciousness awakening times ... so we can walk through this threshold of transformation in a way that leads us to a new way of living, leading, relating, succeeding that truly has the best interests of all life at the core... and so we have the energy and keep the momentum moving to stand what's no longer working, heal what needs healing, and have the energy to create the new way.    

Sacred transformation (which I defined deeply in part 1) is: being devoted and dedicated to change (no turning back), secured against violation and violence, regarded in reverance and respect, rooted in the intention of creating wholeness. Sacred transformation is challenging, and it's blessed, held by grace as we move through. 

In part 2 of this Feminine Power Time we dive into how we create significant and sustainable change so we don't burn out, numb out or let fear win.  

A few highlights:

  • We'll use the four stages of personal and social transformation to guide us to see where we are, where we've been, where we are going and what's needed.
  • The four stages of transformation. Awareness, Reflection, Change in the Moment and Integration, which leads us to elevation. 
  • The power of NO MORE! and #notonmywatch to stand individually and collectively for what we will no longer tolerate or accept in the 4 realms we are experiencing change: societial, systemic, generational and self. 
  • The second step we cannot bypass - Reflection. Why we must pause to reflect, listen and look around - not seek information but find and feel true compassion. If we don't acknowledge what is, and accept it, we cant be free of it ... even if our brains know it's not okay.  
  • The power of fierce compassion and how to be with the suffering of others and this world, to break open the power and wisdom in your heart, in a way that doesn't short circuit you or cause you to feel like you have to take it all on.
  • The dangers we need to be aware of that can disrupt the power of sacred transformation - What keeps us from being able to eradicate or change these things that we know are not okay - and how to stay awake to the forces that want to create separation and polarization and fear and confusion.
  • How to keep yourself emotionally sustained and in your heart - I'll share the two parts of our human and soul heart, and how to take care of both of yours.  
  • Pace yourself to sustain yourself. The waves of changes and catalysts are not stopping. There are a LOT of NO MORES! we need to change in this world. I'll share a way to think about this in cycles, and a wake up call to notice how the systems will try to get you riled up and full of rage to burn you out.
  • Stay focused on your part, without guilt or pressure to 'do more' - We each have a personal transformation that's being required of us now. And we each have a part to play in the elevation of this world. We need to call BullS**T on the storyline we are not doing enough... where we create toxic unsustainable pressure... and instead stay PRESENT and listening for what our part is to take action on. We start this conversation this week. And dive into more next week. 

I will end us with a blessing, from the tree of life, the tree of wisdom, which was written by my dear soul sister Shiloh Sophia McCloud whose birthday is today.

Tune in. May this ignite your fierce heart to see and embrace the power you have AND give you permission to do what you need to stay sustained through this shift. We NEED your light and love. Don't burn out that light. It's going to be a journey over years, not months, to destruct, preserve and create. 

with great heart



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