54 minutes | Jun 13th 2020

126: Sacred Transformation. Creating Stability and Sanity Within Chaos and Change

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We are in the midst of major transformation and change that is causing chaos, disruption, fear, rage and all kinds of emotions and situations that are hard to be with and hard to know what to do with ...  AND we are also experiencing a time of great awakening, voices speaking up and out, people standing together, and the possibility of maybe, finally, breaking through to a different way to be and live in this world.. change that has been a long time coming. 

But...transformation can be a very dangerous journey... like a fire out of control, like a windstorm that takes a fire from a needed burn to a reckless fire that burns up everything in its path.

Which is why we need some wisdom, perspective and practices for how to go through this massive transformation in a way that doesn't burn us out, create harming destruction, or cause us to get swirled up in all the chaos and lose our way.

So... here's what we are going to do - create stability and sanity within the chaos and change for you by :

First, get some perspective on the 4 levels of transformation that are happening - social, systemic, generational and self. So we can work with them, vs. be overwhelmed by them. Including how to see how generational and systemic transformation may be happening within you.

Second, consider what it would be like to approach and embrace what we are experiencing personally and collectively as "Sacred Transformation"... 

Sacred means: devoted or dedicated to, secured against violence and violation, regarded with reverence and respect.

Sacred transformation leads to wholeness.

In sacred transformation, while the journey may be intense, challenging, and will certainly break apart and through the illusions, imprints and systems that bind vs. free us ... sacred transformation is blessed.

So we move through the fire of transformation with grace. 

Third, we'll invoke some super power wisdom using the teachings of the 4 elements to see how to work with rage, blame, judgement, guilt, shame, fear, over-responsibility, paralysis in a way that fosters sacred transformation... 

So you can feel stable and clear minded and emotionally balanced (sane) on the inside ... and be an instrument for loving truth, right action and stay centered within. 

Lastly, we'll take this directly into 2 specific structures I think we all need right now ...

  • Decompressing daily and weekly (the daily downshift and weekly system reset).
  • Self awareness of your mind/body/heart/spirit - what's transforming for you and triggering you personally... what do you need to care for your core ... what are you letting into to your field, that is adding to the fire in destructive ways?


This transformation is a long time coming. We were born for this time. There is wisdom and tools to support us through.

Be aware of the input you are letting in to your field. Ground. Root. Decompress your system.

Look around for evidence of human-KIND and divine support. 

Remember you have the power of sacred transformation within you.

There is a path, and we are on it. We are the ones. 

This is the first in a 3 part series on Sacred Transformation in Feminine Power Time. Come back next week for the next part. 

And see below for more.

xo Christine


More Structure, Support, Wisdom, Practices and Super Power

1. Stay Harmonized Session: Wisdom & Practices for Navigating Uncertainty and Change - my love offering to you www.StayHarmonized.com 

 2. Take the Mid Year FLOW Power Pause - We reflect, reset, tap into wisdom to gain clarity and wisdom for how to focus in months ahead - 4-part process. Do in June or July www.flowpowerpause.com  

3. The Feminine Wisdom Way - Wisdom School, Structure, Sisterhood for navigating these times rooted in your feminine wisdom and power - includes power pause + support for next half of the year. www.FeminineWisdomWay.com 

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