48 minutes | May 22nd 2020

124: What's Your Life Really About? Choosing What to Center Your Life Around Next

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What's Your Life Really About? Choosing What to Center Your Life Around Next.  #4 of 4 in the Harmonize to Rise Series on Feminine Power Time with Christine Arylo. 

Hello dear ones... I have an inquiry for you that I don't want you to answer, but I want you to consider, to chew on, to explore, to open your eyes to....

What have you been constellating your life around? 

What do you desire to constellate your life around going forward?

This is what we call a wisdom inquiry that has the power to break you through to expanded levels of self awareness and possibility. It gets you tuned into what is really true and right for you now ... it taps you into your power to be a co-creator in your life design and reality ... it empowers you to see how the choices you are making are creating the reality that you've been stuck in or living ... it catalyzes you out of where you are stuck and what no longer serves so you can be free to create what it is you truly need, desire and are here to experience.  

As we walk through this global catalyst.... we don't want to go back to normal or keep assimilating into ways of working, living and relating that are not working for us. 

Wake up your wise woman eyes. Reopen your eyes that see wonder and possibility beyond the mind. Let your wild woman whose not bound by limitations or rules free.  Feel your power. Expand your consciousness.

This week we explore the power of being conscious about what is at the center of your life - and how you can use this inquiry and the framework I share to see what's not working for you any longer and find your power to create something different. 

This framework works for the self, for our family/relationships, and our society. 

What you choose consciously or unconsciously as the centerpoint of your life is what drives your choices, decisions about home, money, career, relationships, everything.

When you are the leader of your life - you consciously choose to shift this over the course of your life time. And when you do, you are so much more empowered to create a reality that supports and sustains you. And that creates the reality that gives you peace, harmony inside.

It's deep and practical. 

See you there.

With great heart, Christine


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1. FLOW the Mid Year Power Pause - www.flowpowerpause.com 

Starts June 14th - space to really tune into what is right and true for you moving forward. To create a path for the year ahead.

2. Feminine Wisdom Way summer/fall session - www.femininewisdomway.com - do the power pause and receive structure and sisterhood for the rest of the year. 


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