50 minutes | Dec 28th 2019

111: Plug Into Your Divine Downline: 3 Ways to Create a Stronger Connection with the Universe

What does it mean to be connected to Spirit? How do you trust that the Universe really has your back? How do you create a real, embodied relationship with the Divine, one that you can feel and work with in your daily life? Whatever you call this force or don't, in these intense times, if we want to stay clear, calm, on our soul's path, able to meet the challenges and expand in the possibilities, we need a personal, embodied relationship with the Divine.

But what does mean, and how do you do establish and keep this relationship strong, as an empowered human? So you can create the realities for yourself, others and this world you can feel in your heart are possible? 

Taking a step beyond religion constructs or estoreric spiritual concepts, join me for this Feminine Power Time: Plug into Your Divine Downline: 3 Ways to Create a Stronger Connection with the Universe, #3 of 3 in our Trinity of Connection Series. 

Whatever your beliefs and path are you are welcome in this conversation which is meant to be a way to expand and strengthen this very personal connection to the Divine/Universe/God/Force - whatever you call it.  I will call it the Divine for simplicity. You choose whatever language works for you.

Some of what we'll dive into:

  • What does it mean to have a "RELATIONSHIP" to the Divine? As a co-creative partner?
  • Going beyond law of attraction to the practice of co-creation to elevate our practice of how we vision, create our lives, manifest our dreams, do our work
  • What is Grace? Really? How do you work with grace to make better choices? Struggle less? Spend your life force in more sustainable ways? 
  • Practices to strengthen your relationship and connection to this 'force' and presence
  • Elevated way to approach visioning, intention setting, achieving and manifesting desires

I felt so strongly we needed this series at this time to elevate our awareness about connection. 

You and I need connection - but what is it really? We just dove into the three points of connection we need in our lives - Self (heart desires and soul path)... Others (intimate and collective community)... Divine. 

As you step into this next cycle and set intentions, make changes, go for you dreams, take these points of connection into deep consideration. Make sure they are part of the practices and support you cultivate consciously. Connection is the net , the web that will hold you true to your soul's path and heart's desires... give you the courage and clarity you need to step forward into the unknown... and provide you with the guidance you need to create realities that go beyond what you've known before or what you see in the mainstream consciousness. 

I look forward to our journey ahead!!

Much love,


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