26 minutes | Sep 23, 2020

FIX20 – Get to Know the Faculty Episode 2

Again, Jenny and Jaime sit down with Virtual FIX20 faculty members to get at the lessons you can expect when registering for their sessions, as well as a little get-to-know-you time.  In episode one you will meet: Dr. Carolyn Commissaris and Dr. Tracy Sanson  – Bringing Connectivity Back to Virtual Presentations Dr. Alison Haddock and Dr. Hilary Fairbrother – Councils Committees and Beyond: Your Personal Map to Professional Organization Leadership Dr. Vanessa Peters – Money Honey! Learn How to Leverage Passive Income Dr. Alicia Kurtz – Real Talk: Not Your Average Wellness Program Dr. Melanie Yates – Starting a Women’s Mentorship Program Check out this fun set of podcasts as you get excited for Virtual FIX and decide on your workshop sessions! Don’t delay your registration! Tickets are going fast! Register here! The post FIX20 – Get to Know the Faculty Episode 2 appeared first on FemInEM.
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