45 minutes | Nov 6, 2017

Stacia Brown, writer and radio producer (episode 7)

Stacia Brown has been writing her whole life, and though she received an MFA in fiction, she’s developed her freelance career on the strength of her nonfiction work, most often in the form of commentary on race, current events and pop culture. In addition to writing a weekly column for The Washington Post’s Act Four blog, Stacia pens pieces for national outlets like The Atlantic, The Nation, Buzzfeed, Vulture and The New Republic. Stacia also hosts and produces a radio show/podcast which just wrapped up its first season, called Baltimore: The Rise of Charm City, in which both public figures and lesser-known residents weave oral histories of some of the city’s overlooked stories. Stacia talked about reacting, sometimes too quickly, in the aftermath of police shootings and tragedies, her responsibility to Baltimore when she writes for national outlets, feeling like an outsider, and stepping away from writing about her personal life.
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