30 minutes | Jul 29th 2020

You’re Not “Woke,” You’re Awakening with Julie Pham

Julie Pham is a Cambridge trained historian, Forbes blogger, venture philanthropist, and marketing professional. She is a well-known speaker, writer, and influencer in business communities. We talk about why there's really no such thing as being “woke,” how the fear of seeming “un-woke” can lead to silencing ourselves, the importance of curiosity, and dialog in the face of ignorance. Julie has the courage to explore complex issues of diversity and inclusion even where there's no clear answer. For all things #FemaleFirebrands, visit femalefirebrands – where you can buy the book or download free checklists to put what you learned into action. Share your success stories and questions about being a woman in the workplace in our Google Form. Mikaela may use your stories or answer your questions in the final episode of this season! Female Firebrand Season 2 is sponsored in part by the Washington Technology Industry Association  
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