42 minutes | Mar 8th 2020

Women for the Land: with Dr Gabrielle McNally of American Farmland Trust

Statistics don’t lie. The future of agriculture is increasingly female. In conversation with Dr Gabrielle McNally of American Farmland Trust’s new initiative - Women for the Land. We discuss the nearly one million women farm operators and over half-a-million additional women landowners who lease their land to farmers and the policies and programs that have supported women farmers and which ones have left them behind. SHOW NOTES: www.femalefarmerproject.org/the-podcast/2020/3/5/women-for-the-land-with-dr-gabrielle-mcnally-of-american-farmland-trust LETS CONNECT!! twitter.com/femalefarmers www.instagram.com/rootedinthevalley/ www.facebook.com/FemaleFarmerProject/ www.femalefarmerproject.org
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