67 minutes | Aug 29th 2020

The New Cowgirl with Beth Robinette

How do new and first-generation ranchers find the hands-on knowledge and mentors needed to become successful? We’re increasingly seeing first-generation farmers and ranchers turning to agriculture as their chosen career. But what do you do when you haven’t been raised on the ranch? The New Cowgirl Camp fills the gap! Beth Robinette is a fourth-generation cattle rancher in Washington State. She is a co-founder and hosts the New Cowgirl Camp, an intensive beginning ranching course for women. She shares how she finds ties to family legacy in her daily work, and how she is trying to build resilient systems. SHOW NOTES: www.femalefarmerproject.org/the-podcast/2020/8/28/the-new-cowgirl-with-beth-robinette New Cowgirl Camp: https://www.newcowgirlcamp.com/ LETS CONNECT: twitter.com/femalefarmers www.instagram.com/rootedinthevalley/ www.facebook.com/FemaleFarmerProject/ www.femalefarmerproject.org
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