26 minutes | Aug 31, 2021

Client Success Story: How She Found Her Messy Middle After Years Of Being Trapped In All-or-Nothing Thinking

This week I am sharing another amazing woman’s journey to feel amazing naked in her life.  When you’ve been living a life of all-or-nothing thinking it feels almost impossible to find a messy middle.  However, this week’s client success story shares how she found her middle, what major tools and words changed her life from the Feel Amazing Naked Program and our coaching.  We also talk about the importance of finding joy in moving your body to build a sustainable relationship with fitness. Would you like to learn to get out of your way and create any results in your life?  Join our All-In Challenge here starting September 13th: https://www.feelamazingnaked.com/allin The Feel Amazing Naked Program doors open soon and the Fall Cohort kicks off October 4th.  To be first to get a spot to join visit: https://feelamazingnaked.com/fan/ Get More info on this episode here: https://feelamazingnaked.com/episode148
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