24 minutes | Sep 28, 2021

Episode 12 - Pie!

Intro·       J: Welcome to Feeding the Soul podcast, where we explore the culture and cultural differences between one’s food and drink. ·       W: Sometimes you need to feed your soul and on today’s episode, we will be exploring PIES! Pie is a savory or sweet food item that consists of a filling (such as meat or cheese in the case of savory pie or another option is fruit or custard in the case of sweet pie) within a pastry shell.·       J: As one of the most versatile food items, pies easily shift to fit any season and potentially any occasion or time of day. And whatever your taste preference is, several pie possibilities exist, from classics to some more unconventional ones allowing either one to comfort and revitalize the soul. Whether you're craving classic apple, sugary pecan, rich chocolate silk or tangy strawberry-rhubarb, there's a pie for YOU. ·       W: While pumpkin may be mandatory at your Thanksgiving table, it may seem out of place at a spring picnic. And since fresh berries are plentiful in summer, a cooling strawberry pie would be more at home at a backyard barbecue than a snowy, winter night. ·       J: There's no need to limit your creativity to just taste, or seasonality because the look of a pie can be an art form, too. We've seen pies in jars, as pops, with lattice tops or piled high with toasted meringue. 
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