65 minutes | Apr 12, 2021

The Power of Our Periods: Liberation Through Lunar + Ancestral Connections with Juliana Luna

In this episode, we are speaking with Yemisi "Juliana" Luna, Creatrix of The Aluna Method and a multidisciplinary artist, leader, mentor and narratorial creator whose mission is to empower women through movement, ancestral awareness, and intuitive knowledge. In this soulful chat, Luna shares how she came to create The Aluna Method - a tool to help you map your monthly cycles, understand its power and feel totally in charge of your sexual energy - through a powerful initiation and remembrance connecting with her Ancestral land of Nigeria. We touch on the Yoruba philosophy woven in the Aluna Method and Luna’s manifesto: paying back in service of her ancestors, rebuilding their narrative, and building a bridge to healing for the collective. You’ll hear Luna’s view on why it’s imperative to connect with our Ancestors now, the critical work of undoing the harm in our ancestry on a daily basis, and how the moon is integral in our healing, growth and integration. We talk about the power of our periods to regenerate, remember, clear and heal and why Luna sees our period as the “ultimate decolonization teacher.” Luna shares her perspective on endometriosis, the emotional body connection, the correlation Luna sees with high functioning, high achieving women who hold onto emotion. There is so much in this conversation to support bleeding people in our relationship to our bodies and moon time as a pathway to sovereignty and self-empowerment. Enjoy! Click here for full show notes: http://www.wildlyrooted.com/fywpodcast/julianaluna    WORK WITH VENESSA Akashic Soul Record Readings: http://www.wildlyrooted.com/akashicrecords    STAY CONNECTED SUBSCRIBE :: Sign up for newsletter to receive updates on upcoming programs and events   GET WILDLY UNSTUCK :: Sign up for Wildly Unstuck audio program (it’s free) + learn the top 5 things sabotaging your health goals & what to do about them.   SUPPORT THE PODCAST Your support means the world... If the show has helped, inspired or spoken to you, it would mean the world to me if you show your support through a small financial contribution. Each FYW episode is a labor of love that takes me about three days to produce... From as little as $1 a month, your support will help to cover the costs associated with producing and hosting the show. I love you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! To make a monthly contribution, head to the Patreon page here. If you would like to make a one-time contribution, you may use our personal Venmo Link here and offer any dollar amount you'd like - send to @WildlyRooted: https://venmo.com/WildlyRooted   Thank you as every penny counts toward supporting this work! xo   *****   Leave a 5 Star Review for a chance to win a free personalized Akashic Soul Record Reading Recording. Then tune into future episodes to hear your review announced! If you win send us a message on Instagram to claim it.
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