15 minutes | Feb 22nd 2021

Very Simple Way to Persuade an Audience in Just Three Easy Steps (Persuasion Outline)

Amazing Persuasive Speech OutlineIn the post, How to Design a Speech Quickly, we gave a few tips to create a quick presentation outline. In this session, we add a little more detail about how to make your presentation more persuasive. This simple, three-step process will help you persuade event the toughest audiences.Change from Feature/Benefit to Problem Solver.Identify the Three Most Important Problems that Your Product or Idea Solves.Prove to Your Audience that You Can Solve These Problems.The secret to being persuasive is to show your audience how they can get what they want. It is amazing how so many people will try to be persuasive by being self-centered. For instance, many salespeople will start their sales presentations talking about their product or their company. “My company has 20 years of experience in this industry,” or “This product has a number of different features.” This three-step process will help you think like your audience. When you think like your audience, your audience will more likely agree with your conclusions.For full show notes, go to Amazing Persuasive Speech Outline with Sales Presentation Exampleshttps://www.fearlesspresentations.com/amazing-persuasive-speech-outline-with-sales-presentation-examples/
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