24 minutes | Feb 1st 2021

How to Create a Train-the-Trainer Process Part 1 of 2

The Train-the-Trainer Model is very common in the business world. However, many Train-the-Trainer programs have big flaws. A good analogy of what happens during this process is the old “telephone game.” Put ten people in a room. Whisper a phrase with more than 10 words into the ear of the first person. The second person then relays the message to the third person. This process continues over and over until the phrase reaches the final person. When you compare the first message with the last message, they will be totally different. This is what often happens when organizations try to implement a train-the-trainer model of employee development.However, this doesn’t have to occur. If you put the right steps and processes in place, your employee development can be phenomenal. (It can also cut your training costs dramatically as well.)This is a two-part series about how to create a good train-the-trainer process. I also show you how to judge if a process that is being promoted to you is worthwhile. For full show notes, go to How to Create a Train-the-Trainer Processhttps://www.fearlesspresentations.com/train-the-trainer-model-how-to-create-a-train-the-trainer-course/
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