34 minutes | Oct 26th 2020

#44 - REWIND - Bob Goff on Fearlessly Moving Forward

Leadership Fueled by Laughter & Hope: A former Comedian-turned-Bestselling Author & Pastor brings you insanely-practical tips plus inspiring interviews for your life and leadership! ABOUT THIS WEEK'S GUEST Bob Goff is the two time New York Times Best-selling author of Love Does and Everybody Always. As an attorney, he successfully recovered approximately one-half billion dollars for his clients before exploring other ventures. He started an airline, built a Lodge in Canada, serves as the Honorary Consul for the Republic of Uganda, is a sought after speaker, founded a non-profit called Love Does which operates schools and safe houses for children in Afghanistan, India, Uganda, Nepal and Somalia. Bob owns and operates a retreat center in Southern California where people come to refine and then pursue their ambitions and Bob has coached over one thousand people and brought them through a program he created called Dream Big. His passion as a coach is to help people identify and connect with their most important unexecuted ambition while excel at those things they are already doing. IT'S TIME TO BE FEARLESS Discover more at JonathanHerron.com and @HighFiveJon #BobGoff #LoveDoes #FearlessPodcast