34 minutes | Sep 29th 2020

#41 - Think Like a Start-Up

A former Comedian turned Bestselling Author + Entrepreneurial Pastor brings YOU insanely-practical tips for YOUR LIFE & ORGANIZATION plus inspiring interviews from current thought leaders. ABOUT THIS EPISODE COVID disrupted everything. It's time for you to move forward fearlessly. What Would You Do If You Weren't Afraid Anymore? /// In Episode 41 of The Fearless Podcast, Jonathan Herron gives exclusive insights: - Move Fast, Break Things & Throw Out Your Old Playbook - Why Your Organization Only Has a 5% Chance of Survival (and How to Beat the Odds) - Your Organization's Biggest Challenge from This Day Forward - The Mike Tyson Approach to Failure - The Difference between Honesty and Transparency - Why Business Plans are a Waste of Your Time - The 51% Principle /// SHOW NOTES + MORE: JonathanHerron.com/episode41 /// SHARE & SUBSCRIBE wherever YOU listen to PODCASTS! Discover more insights and resources at JonathanHerron.com & @HighFiveJon /// GRAB JON'S BESTSELLER 'Holy Shift: Laugh Your Mass Off and Use Comedy Principles to Quickly Reach More People Far From God' Available NOW on Amazon + ChurchLeaders.com! /// #leadership #startup #entrepreneur