38 minutes | Sep 15th 2020

#40 - How to Navigate Conflict when You're Butting Heads

A former Comedian turned Bestselling Author and Entrepreneurial Pastor brings YOU insanely-practical tips for YOUR LIFE & ORGANIZATION plus inspiring interviews from current thought leaders. /// HERE'S THE DEAL ABOUT TODAY'S EPISODE I * USED * to lead the 11th fastest-growing church in America. Then COVID hit and EVERYTHING came to a screeching halt. We suddenly became the SLOWEST-growing church in America! Pressing forward into a NEW NORMAL, our relationships & organizations are highly-susceptible to CONFLICT... ...and that's actually a HEALTHY thing to embrace! Today we'll quickly dive into an honest, frank discussion on HOW to NAVIGATE CONFLICT when You're Butting Heads in Life & Leadership! So, what are you waiting for? Join me NOW for Episode 40 of The Fearless Podcast! /// IT'S TIME TO BE FEARLESS SUBSCRIBE + Never Miss an Episode: JonathanHerron.com/podcast JOIN US LIVE every Wednesday online for additional MOTIVATION + COACHING: JonathanHerron.com/events Discover more resources at JonathanHerron.com and @HighFiveJon! /// #leadership #startup #motivation