109 minutes | Apr 14, 2020

Ep 9: Throwing Up In My Feelings

Ashlee and Bre can't hardly wait to jump into this week's episode! After watching the Season 5 two-parter "Our Lips Are Sealed" there is so much to talk about: Emma's extreme dieting habits, Manny's true love for a healthy pizza-body relationship, Peter-Peter the Secret Keeper, Snake's mall karaoke, and how the fuck can Paige stay friends with her GF and BFF after a public food fight? TW: In this episode, your hosts dish about their personal battles with body image issues and eating disorders. There are serious moments and there are jokes... because that's life and that's how it goes, friends. If you or someone you know are fighting a silent battle with your body or with an eating disorder (they usually go hand-in-hand) please seek help. It's not easy to undo a lifetime of shame surrounding the topic, so let's start by supporting each other first. You're doing great. Stay safe, stay smart, stay home, stay hot teens. Instagram @degrassipodcast Music by Arielle LaGuette  
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