114 minutes | May 13, 2020

Ep 12: To Mom, or Not to Mom

That is the realest question of them all. Ashlee and Bre are back (woo!) and they are diving DEEP into "Accidents Will Happen" better known as the two-part abortion episode banned in America. Manny's got more than gymnastics on her mind, and it's enough to make her upchuck her decisions in the toilet, so she turns to the former teen mom queen, Spike, for some sage advice. Craig gets high on the idea of being a dad, because creating his own family sounds like a fun way to fix all of his problems! And sandwiched between that drama are two goofy-ass B-plots that made Ashley cringe and Bre laugh out loud. TW: This episode contains personal experience stories related to pregnancy, abortion, and motherhood. Happy belated Mother's Day y'all!   Instagram @degrassipodcast Music by Arielle LaGuette
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