65 minutes | Apr 27, 2020

Ep 11: Taking Back Ghosts Who Do Coke on Sunday

Ashlee and Bre are hyped on ~not drugs~ to talk to you about "What Does It Feel Like to be a Ghost," also known as the one where Taking Back Sunday makes a cameo and Craig blows (more like nose-bleeds) his chance at being a center stage musician. Call your physic mediums because the ghosts of the past have come out in droves! Craig is back in town and he's brought a snowstorm of nose candy with him. JT's new lady Mia finds out about his baby-daddy status, Lakehurst bros wanna fight, Manny does drugs so that she can sound smart as fuck, and Ellie poops on everything including her own life... because why? Because goddamn addict-brained, singer-songwriter, resident-cute-boy-breaking-all-the-hearts goddamn Craig. Also, is Taking Back Sunday still alive? Or is only their career dead? Let us know. Stay safe, stay smart, stay home, stay clean teens. Instagram @degrassipodcast Music by Arielle LaGuette
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