101 minutes | Apr 20, 2020

Ep 10: But Then I Got High Expectations

Bre and Ashlee celebrate 4/20 by watching "Death Of A Disco Dancer" AKA the one where Paige gets dumped then smokes a joint before talking to the admissions rep from her dream college. Uh oh! She's really on her *high* horse now. Paige has all the answers, but like... does she even know the question? Here are some to put in your pipe: Does Alex really have no future? Is it ever okay for a teacher person to date a student person? Is Jimmy the best baller of them ALL? Is Banting a real fucking school? Will Matt ever take another shower? Is weed legal "enough" for us to be cool about it now? The future is cloudy and best laid plans are going up in smoke, bitches. PSA: Don't do drugs if your mom is listening. Stay safe, stay smart, stay home, stay high teens. Instagram @degrassipodcast Music by Arielle LaGuette  
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