57 minutes | Feb 7, 2016

Ryan Cleek, Filmmaker of "Cam Zink: Reach for the Sky"

Say you’ve got a good job, doing stuff you’re good at, for a good company. But you’ve also got a dream. A big one. Would you quit that good job? Would you jump off that cliff?                  That was the question Ryan Cleek had. And he took that leap of faith, quitting Specialized and loading up his credit cards to create a documentary about a year in the life of an amazing freerider: Cam Zink.   Bookended by Redbull Rampages, this movie has incredible footage on the bike. But it’s what happens off the bike that makes Cleek’s Reach for the Sky really worth watching. Cleek captures an extraordinary year of transition in Zink here, even as, behind the camera, Cleek is making an equally big bet himself.   Big dreams and dreamers going big, in this episode of the FattyCast.
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