15 minutes | Apr 21, 2021

EP 215: Fare of the Free Man Child (A Tony Galloway Ting)

In collaboration with Atlanta-based Self-Directed Education profession and facilitator, Anthony “Tony” Galloway, Jr, we are so hyped to broadcast the premiere episode of Fare of the Free Man Child!

Tony is one of our Presence Counselors here at Raising Free People Network and the founder, director and facilitator of The Heartwood School, a local Agile Learning Center. Throughout this series, Tony reflects on his own self-directed journey and his views on adulting and adulthood as he approaches his 30’s. Tune in to hear him riff on finances, politics, mental health, race, schooling, unschooling, manhood, and masculinity.

“I was raised as an academic and baptized in the way of the scientific method. There were many creative outlets I participated in as a kid but they were just fun things to do on the side. Things like music and art were extracurriculars and hobbies to make me a well-rounded applicant but they were never a priority”. - Anthony Galloway, Jr

In this episode, Tony talks about the struggles that we might face when trying to apply certain Self-Directed practices to our lives, about how exhausting it becomes to compare ourselves and our children's processes, the external pressure full of expectations, and preparations that pull us away from the present, missing the essentials. He also shares the importance of prioritizing the fulfillment of personal challenges while taking care of responsibilities.


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