89 minutes | Apr 22nd 2020

FAR OUT #74 ~ Exploring Ayahuasca: Drinking it for the first time (Episode 1)

Listen and explore:

  • How Alasdair found Ayahuasca (or how Ayahuasca found him)
  • "The eye of the storm" Alasdair was in when he went on his first ayahuasca retreat in Peru
  • The grueling cleansing process Alasdair underwent in preparation for ayahuasca
  • What it was like to drink Ayahuasca
  • Why it's been one of the most significant experiences of Alasdair's life
  • How he feels about taking ayahuasca again after almost six years

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  • Intro music: "Complicate ya" by Otis McDonald
  • Outro music: "Running with wise fools" written & performed by Krackatoa (www.krackatoa.com)