92 minutes | Jan 13th 2021

Divisional Round breakdown

Host Ian Hartitz welcomes on PFF analyst Andrew Erickson to talk through all four Divisional Round matchups. The guys start off by debating whether or not we'll see the good version of Jared Goff this week before pondering if this elite Rams defense is capable of making Aaron Rodgers look even somewhat mortal. Ian breaks down why he believes Lamar Jackson is already the best rushing QB of all time before Andrew goes over the negative (fantasy) impact that dual-threat QBs have on their offense's running backs. Neither Ian nor Andrew believe Josh Allen will stop balling in this tough matchup, and the guys also believe Stefon Diggs is more than worthy of top-three WR treatment across the league based on his marvelous 2020 campaign. Additional topics include: whether or not to eat the Devin Singletary chalk in DFS, if Baker can keep on cooking, where does Nick Chubb stack up among the league's very best backs, what to expect from Patrick Mahomes and company in their first competitive game since Week 16, whether or not TB12 can turn things around in his third try against the Saints, if Michael Thomas can pop off for his first huge game of the season, and much more.

0:08 Intro 1:22 Rams @ Packers 27:29 Ravens @ Bills 51:53 Browns @ Chiefs 1:10:24 Buccaneers @ Saints

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