40 minutes | Jan 15th 2021

10 questions with Michael Fabiano

Host Ian Hartitz welcomes on Sports Illustrated senior fantasy analyst Michael Fabiano to discuss recent NFL developments as well as the Divisional Round. The guys start things off by going over which landing spot would lead to the most 2021 fantasy value for free agent Allen Robinson. Ian and Michael agree that Diontae Johnson should be treated as a legit top-20 WR in 2021 fantasy drafts, but keep an eye on the potential for an unnecessarily large ADP disparity between him and Chase Claypool. Conversation continues with a look at 2021 expectations for Trevor Lawrence and the Jaguars, what to expect from the Seahawks without OC Brian Schottenheimer, and where Joe Burrow stacks up in the dynasty QB ranks. The guys next get into the divisional round. Both Ian and Michael think the Browns have a good chance of covering  and we shouldn't discount Baker Mayfield and company in DFS either. Things might not be easy for Aaron Rodgers and company, but it's going to be tough for Jared Goff to keep pace. Conversation winds down with more analysis on the Saints-Buccaneers and Ravens-Bills matchups before the guys finish things off by pondering which team would an alien be best off following and becoming a fan of for the next five years.

0:08 Intro

2:13 Dream landing spot for Allen Robinson II?

5:07 How will Diontae Johnson/Chase Claypool fare in 2021?

8:27 Year 1 expectations for Meyer/Lawrence in JAX?

12:25 Concerned about Seahawks’ offense in 2021?

15:33 How many QBs would you take ahead of Burrow?

17:36 Do the Browns have a shot at beating the Chiefs?

21:18 Can the Rams great defense stop the Packers great offense?

26:04 Will the Buccaneers finally beat the Saints?

31:40 Prediction for Baltimore/Buffalo news headlines?

33:48 Team to root for over the next 5 years?

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