87 minutes | Jul 7, 2021

Heat Waves (with Chy)

Gun to your head, what would you guess is the fandom for the top fic on AO3? Supernatural? Harry Potter? Boku no Hero Academia? You fool. You absolute rube. Of course it's Minecraft Youtuber RPF, how could you ever think otherwise. On today's episode Chy joins us to talk about Dream/GeorgeNotFound fic Heat Waves, the most popular fic on Archive of Our Own, and what it means for fandom and pop culture at large. Sources and relevant links for this episode:Heat Waves and Helium on AO3Heat Waves, Dream SMP and Dream on FanloreDreamNotFound on the Shipping Wiki, making its first appearance on the show, remarkablyFanfiction about real people is flourishing by Jay Castello on PolygonPeople are reading so much fanfiction it’s crashing the biggest fanfiction website by Gita Jackson on VICEThe most read fic on AO3 has now been dethroned, a thread on RedditGlass Animals’ Hottest 100 win: ‘Heat Waves’ and the power of online fandom by Al Newstead on TripleJFollow the show on TwitterBeth: Twitter, InstagramMax: InstagramEmail us at fanonballpod@gmail.comWe are a member of the Scavengers Network. You can find our show and other great ones on the network by visiting scavengersnetwork.com!You can also join our Discord to talk to us and other creators and fans!
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