56 minutes | Sep 14, 2020

Fandom Post Radio Episode 83: FPR Presents an Interview with Yoshihisa Hirano

Yoshihisa Hirano is the composer, arranger, conductor, and lyricist behind the wonderfully eclectic music of Hunter x Hunter, the unforgettably thrilling symphonies of Death Note, the inventive new sound of the Hajime no Ippo sequels, the elegantly Brandenburg-evoking concertos of Ouran, and many other anime soundtracks. When not scoring background music, he has collaborated with Mikiya Katakura to arrange theme songs of the Maria-sama ga Miteru series and various ALI PROJECT works, blending dissonant and atonal elements with modern pop music to craft a unique sonic experience. Anime only accounts for a fraction of his career that showcases influences from all eras of art music and modern film scores alike, along with his own signature touches. His early appreciation of classical music soon inspired him to teach himself composition, pursue it academically in America, and teach himself English in the process so he could learn as much as possible. After years of Kestrel shouting Hirano's name from the rooftops (or podcast, as it were) as his favorite anime composer of all time, he got to experience Hirano's first public concert featuring the man himself conducting his own anime compositions, front and center at Montreal's Otakuthon 2019. Thanks to Hirano's proficiency in English, the two were able to speak briefly, and a year later, they reunite for an exclusive exploration of an illustrious career in this very episode.
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