129 minutes | Mar 29, 2021

The Falcon & The Winter Soldier - "The Star Spangled Man" (Review, Recap, Easter Eggs & More)

We are back with Black Falcon & The White Panther, or as you may know it, The Falcon & The Winter Soldier as Sam & Bucky try and get over their differences in order to come together and see what’s happening? We catch back up with Enfys Nest & the Flag Smashers, who are on the move as the past isn’t just haunting our dynamic duo, but pretty much everyone on this show. Speaking of the past, we check in with the Black Black Cap, before our heroes realize the key to everything is diving into the world and Finding Zemo. Once again, Tatiana King & BenHaMeen are back to discuss the Falcon & The Winter Soldier, breaking down everything from the Easter Eggs to the Themes Of The Episode and much more! The Blackest & Most In Depth MCU Podcast is back again!! Follow on Twitch.TV/ForAllNerds for our live broadcast every Monday at One PM EST!!!!!
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