65 minutes | Jul 1, 2021

084 | River Camping & Note Investing

Susan Elliot grew up in a typical suburban setting until one day when she was exposed to river rafting. From that moment, the world opened up to her. She discovered a passion which led her to become a whitewater kayak instructor and river guide. After traveling the world, living full-time in an RV with her husband, writing a book, and working as a River Restoration Engineer, Susan made another discovery. This time it was a world of financial freedom that opened up to her. Susan uses real estate by investing in Non-Performing Notes as a means to provide her family with financial stability and security. She and her partners founded Flow State Investing to help others access this little-known world of real estate and the potential that comes with it.    Listen in to learn: How to turn your passion into your dream job How real estate investing can help you take control over your money and future What Note Investing, a little-known niche in real estate, actually is    Links https://flowstateinvesting.com/ https://www.famvestor.com/084
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