20 minutes | Dec 22nd 2020

2. Pillar #1: The Culture of Love

Love is defined and used in so many ways in our culture. What is the real definition and source? How do we become a re-source of love and establish a culture of love in our family so that each family member's garden is watered well? How do you intentionally and practically love? We answer these questions and more. Join us and let us help you learn the languages of love so that you can establish the culture of love in your home. For more information, visit: familywisdomsway.com   QUICK EPISODE SUMMARY It’s always a good day to love - Donna Let’s talk about the first pillar First Corinthians 4-8 Everyone has good and bad days His love never fails What makes it possible for us to love Why living from love is important Ways you can be intentional An easy way to learn the 5 love language
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