39 minutes | Feb 27, 2018

EER137: Traveling Alone — Solo Female Travel for Mothers

We talk a lot about family travel, but what about solo travel female travel for mothers? Sure we've discussed single mothers travel, and other single-parent travel. But what I'm talking about today is solo female travel for mothers...on their own, and without their spouse or children coming along. How do you feel about that? We discuss it today, in this week's episode of Epic Education Radio. Traveling Alone — Solo Female Travel for Mothers Meet Lillie. By day, she's a 7th grade English teacher in Boston public schools. By night, she's a travel blogger. She loves traveling with her husband and kids. She also loves solo female travel and didn't want to give that up when she started a family. And why should she? In today's episode, we discuss the value of solo travel for women and mothers, and the obstacles many of them face. Timecodes: In this Episode 02:17 Intro 03:44 Why Solo Female Travel for Mothers? 05:51 Why Solo Travel for Women is Important 12:33 How to Travel Solo 16:15 Keeping Score & Google Docs 17:34 Solo Travel for Mothers Without Support 23:00 The Emotional Side: How to Deal with Unsupportive Family 26:48 How to Tall to the Kids About It 32:17 Gear 34:22 Resources Solo Female Travel Tips & More Lillie travels a lot with her family. Yet she also takes solo trips to places like Turkey, Dubai, and Bonaire (a favorite of another EER guest). Solo Travel as a Mother? When people hear about solo female travel advice, they usually think of young college kids on a gap year — long before starting a family. In contrast, Lillie is proposing solo travel after children. Why? Lillie explains that not only does her solo trips make her happy. In fact, hey also help strengthen her relationships with her husband and her children. It also fortifies bonds between father and kids, as well. Solo Travel for Women and How to Do it as a Mom Lillie walks us through several tips for planning solo mom travel. There are many aspects to consider. First, there is simply the logistical side (time and money). Then there is the emotional side. For example, moms often have to navigate relationships with spouses or relatives. Some of these relatives (or even spouses) have outdated ideas about a woman's role in the family. Then there is talking to the kids about it, as well. Lillie talks about how and when to talk to kids about "mommy's trip" and how to best handle it at different ages. Overall, there are lots of great tips for planning and managing a solo female trip as a mother. And a lot of reasons why you should consider it! Have You Done Any Solo Female Travel as a Mother? Where did you go? How did your family handle it? Do you have any additional advice regarding solo travel for women and mothers? Travel Gear Mentioned Chaco Sandals Looking for more shoe options? Leota Dresses Sony Alpha 5100 Digital Camera Zeiss 16-70mm lens Read our tips on the best travel cameras Find Lillie Online Around the World L |Teaching Traveling |Facebook | Instagram |Pinterest| Twitter Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This means, at no extra cost to you,  we might receive a small commission if you make a purchase or book using those links. My opinions are my own and I only recommend places/services that I believe will genuinely help your travels. If you're planning solo female travel as a mother, then we wish you the best and hope to help you as best we can.  Full-on family travel fundamentals. Epic Education Radio is interviews, stories and advice for people who decide to make travel a priority in their family's life...and for those who want to. Tune in each week to hear stories and advice from new traveling families, and hear how they've handled various family travel-related issues like education, socialization, working, budgeting, accommodation, road-parenting, safety, technology and more. We talk gear, websites, apps and other resources for traveling & nomadic families, and answer questions from those who would like to do something similar.
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