70 minutes | Oct 31, 2017

EER126: Family RV Travel in Europe with Kids — Motorhome Travel in the EU

Family RV travel in Europe...with kids? Why not? In today's episode of Epic Education Radio, we talk exploring Europe by motorhome, while homeschooling and building a business along the way!


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Family RV Travel in Europe with Kids

Many people want to explore Europe with kids. Many others want to try RV travel in Europe. For Will and Jessica Suero, they combined the two to have the best (and the rest) of both worlds!

A lot has happened to the Sueros since we last talked in 2016. After living in Costa Rica and Ecuador, they were planning to move to France. Fast forward to today, and they've left their home in France, and have begun to settle into RV travel in Europe with kids. For the next two years!

Homeschooling & Building a Business while Living in an RV

What's it like homeschooling a teen and a tween *and* building a business...all while living in an RV in Europe? According to Jessica, it can sometimes be "a hot mess," she says with a laugh. There's a lot going on in such a small space, adds Will. RV travel in Europe is fun, he says, but living in a motorhome in Europe while working and schooling is a challenge. "What works today may not work tomorrow," he says.

In this episode of Epic Education Radio, we discuss how they manage motorhome travel in Europe, including working, schooling, parenting, and gear.

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  • 2:36 Intro
  • 3:37  In 4th years what’s different now
  • 7:49 The pride & shame of kids as translators
  • 13:32 Tips & Routines for RV Travel in Europe with Kids
  • 23:13 Work & building a business
  • 35:43 Education
  • 41:12 Parenting teens & tweens
  • 51:59 Travel gear
  • 1:03:00 Destinations


  • Names: Will & Jessica Suero, their daughter Avalon (13) and son, Largo (10)
  • Hold passports from: USA
  • Type of travel: Living abroad, slow travel, long-term travel and RV travel
  • A few places they've been: Lived in Costa Rica, Ecuador, and France, now on a 2-year RV trip through Europe




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