31 minutes | Jan 24, 2019

Your Reluctant Sidekick in Recovery – The Health Insurance Company [Episode 7]

OK, from birth, we are all potty trained, learn to eat, then distrust everyone over 30, and finally, hate insurance companies. But when we are expected them to pay our healthcare bills, we need to understand how they want to control the quality of care that hospitals, doctors, and therapists deliver. Now we know they have a rich reputation of denying care, especially when we feel our loved one needs it most. But why do they do it? This is Tom’s talk on understanding that why, so every parent or caregiver can be armed with that information to either advocate effectively to the treatment providers, or advocate to the insurance company to pay for necessary care. In this episode, Tom takes a balanced look at the good, and not-so-good, and infuriating about how insurance companies do their job. But here’s the thing - Tom is coaching you to get out of the emotional and into the (mild) weeds of thinking like them, and staying ahead of their decision-making. Then, you can truly use them as an effective partner in getting. . .and keeping . . . someone well.
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