4 minutes | Sep 18, 2018

Welcome to Family Psych Consumer, America’s New Place to Navigate the Mental Healthcare System

Family Psych Consumer is a next-generation community where parents and families can learn about the confusing world of mental healthcare in America. Each week, Tom and his expert guests will bring the best critical thinking, skills, and ongoing support to accelerate your learning and understanding of mental healthcare. Our goal is that every parent or family caregiver confidently and competently navigates the mental healthcare world and gets the best care, the best value, and the best peace of mind as they purchase and consume mental health treatment and services. Family Psych Consumer de-mystifies the world of psychiatry, therapy, rehabilitation, health insurance, and the law– to reduce the chaos and cost of managing a mental illness event in your family.   Join us each week to learn better coping, gain better skills, and experience better support in the daily campaign to help your loved one AND yourself.
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