53 minutes | Dec 6, 2018

A Trauma Treatment Primer for Parents and Families [Episode 5]

Trauma - What does it look like? …Someone I love is suffering and it’s tearing me apart . . . How do I help? In todays’s episode Tom dives into trauma, treatment, and recovery…what it is, how it happens, and how you, the parent or family, can do everything in your power to understand it . . . and help someone recover from it. Tom introduces his listeners to Family Psych Consumer’s resident trauma expert, Dr Debbie Orr, and taps into her 30+year history as a trauma treatment expert to explain how trauma changes the person and the brain. With her quiet, deliberate manner, Debbie walks you through what to look for - and how to cope - when a loved one’s traumatic event completely overwhelms their life. Dr Debbie describes in detail how a singular or series of traumatic events slowly change the psychological, emotional, and physical health of a loved one. Tom and Debbie delve into how trauma experts approach and treat trauma, and the characteristics of quality care in this most intimate and complex area. Most importantly to his listeners, Tom discusses how family recovery can happen as part of the treatment for the traumatized person.
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